Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rainy Day

I love waking up with Addie Jane, she cracks me up! I went, in the past month or so, from being "mama" to being "MOMMY," I just love that. Today it is just so foggy and rainy outside it is hard to imagine even getting out of the bed but lucky for me I have been up and out since about 6:00, no complaints though. Jack is pretty easy this morning, just eating and sleeping, typical of a 4 week old. Yesterday I went to Purple Peanut, this adorable children's boutique, I had 3 outfits picked out for Addie Jane and then discovered my wallet was indeed at the house in my diaper bag, so I am excited to say that she said she would hold them for me, thank goodness. They are so adorable, as winter started approaching so fast, I realized she is running out of dresses for church. I was also very excited to get Addie Jane and Jack matching Christmas outfits for their Christmas card picture I am planning on taking this weekend, but unfortunatly the matching outfits for brothers and sisters do not begin untill they are 12 months BOOO. Not happy about that, but what can you do. Me and Addie Jane are about to get ready and run a few errands before the holidays get here and we run out of time. I am going to take Jack's to my mom's house, which I know she will be excited about. Wish me luck.

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