Monday, August 1, 2011


these things are awesome and at only $1.00 I highly recommend them.  I can't believe they actually worked on my walls..which some little rugrats colored all over :)

 Easy. Fun. You can put this stuff on anything.  Walls, tables, jars, buckets, and whatever else you can get your hands on.  I love the idea of giving the kids an area where they can actually draw on the walls. ha.

Not much to say on this except I am SO excited to get these colors in! I love gray.

Combine grooming cream with surf spray (below)..I love love love these products... It gives a little good summer look, very beachy.  These are the only products that make my hair actually really wavy!

Oh...and this would be nice.  I am going to get J to build this for me...maybe one day!!


  1. PLEASE tell me where you found chalkboard paint for only a dollar!! I paid 13$ the other day for it! :( Would love to do some more projects with it, but just can't pay quite that much.

  2. No NO! I paid $1.00 for magic erasers! 10.00 at home depot for the paint! haha!!

  3. Ok- well, where I'm a little disappointed that you aren't dishing out a fabulous place to buy chalkboard paint, I also don't feel quite so ridiculous for paying what I did!! ;)