Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A visit from Texas

Dad and Mimi relaxing on the back porch
Funny faces with Daddy
Mimi and Addie Jane what a great picture !

Play this game Grandpa use to play with us when we were little. SO much fun! It goes like this!

Knock on the door 
Peek in
Raise up the latch
walk in
Chin jabber chin jabber chin jabber!!!

Chin jabber!

They literally did this for 30 mins!
Man....he can really give a look.
Addie Jane and Daddy chilling out on the hammock
She swings!

Looks like she didn't think her shot was all that great :)   Maybe she needs lessons from Grandpa and Mimi cause I don't know anything about golf... A get a little too hot :)

I am way behind on blogging AGAIN.  I am trying to get so much stuff done in my house that I have been too exhausted to even type. Last month my grandparents from Texas got to come and visit with the kiddos! We had so much fun.  The kids really enjoyed spending time with them.  I think Jack is finally old enough for us to fly there in the fall.  Here are a few pictures from their visit.  I wish I had took more pictures!!!! But these are great! We just chilled outside, grilled, and just stayed up at my mom and dad's house.  Sometimes all you need is just a good relaxing weekend with your family.  I know the kids enjoyed being able to play with them and I cannot wait to get out to Texas as soon as we can but for now Mimi...Grandpa...COME BACK.  We miss you already!!!!  Addie Jane is dying to go to Texas.  Every time we see an airplane its... "Mimi and Grandpa .... we have to go on Airplane to see them.. I wanna go!"  She keeps telling me that Jack will do great so I guess we will see!

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